BlackOpsHypnosis 2015 Contest
July 2nd - July 20th
$15,000 USD in cash prizes!

We are excited to announce this contest and some tools for affiliates that we have improved including sales letters, ads, etc that has provide even better conversion rates for our affiliates. In fact, the changes are so dramatic that our test traffic has shown a 147% increase in conversions compared to the previous version! That’s a lot of EXTRA cash in the pockets of our affiliates!

We will be giving away $15,000 USD in cash prizes to the top 10 affiliates, allowing even our smaller affiliates a chance to win a BIG prize.

To participate in our $15,000 contest you need to sign up using the email form below. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with all the details about the contest, plus we will keep you informed of contest leaderboard rankings. Remember, you NEED to sign up to participate!


**In order to qualify for contest earnings payout, the 5th through 10th place winners need to make a minimum of 20 front end sales. The 2nd through 4th place winners need to make a minimum of 60 front end sales. The 1st place winner needs to make a minimum of 100 front end sales.


We just went to 75% percent commissions!!

This is easy money to reward our CURRENT and NEW affiliates. This front end product sells for $57 and your getting around $40 (after ClickBank's fees and my 25% share)!! We also just added a high converting $27 upsell offer that pays out a 50% commission.

Sign Up As An Affiliate Today!!

I have tried to make sure everything was top notch on this page before I put it here for you guys. I know you work hard to generate targeted traffic and I don't want it to go waste. I am making continuous improvements and split testing our sales page to ensure the highest conversion rates possible for your hypnosis targeted traffic.

It currently converts at 1:90 (1%) with general traffic and even up to 1:10 (10%) for certain affiliates that send targeted hypnosis traffic. Our conversion rate is higher than almost all other hypnosis programs available, thanks to our unique sales page and appealing "dark side" offer.

It's important to make sure your link is working and connected to your click bank account so you get paid and it's tracked.

You can get started promoting right away!

2 ways to promote it:

Just replace "CLICKBANKID" with your ClickBank username in the link below.

Or you can always go to the marketplace on Clickbank and search black ops hypnosis and find this site. Then hit "promote" then "create" and use the top link for everything in your promotion.

They want you to get PAID as the more money you make… the more you promote their product!!

ClickBank's affiliate tracking cookies are valid for 60 days so you'll get 75% on every sale that you make... Even if it's made weeks later from the prospects initial visit to the site.

I consider you and the rest of my affiliates to be my biggest asset, so if you have ANY questions about promoting the product please do not hesitate to contact me. You can e-mail me directly at

Below you'll find a bunch of banners and email swipes for you to use in your marketing. But feel free to make your own banners and write your own emails using text and images from the main sales letter. You have our permission to do so in your marketing efforts.


Cameron Crawford

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